TransBrain Plus APP

Assist in sleep, mood, stress measurement, supplementary diagnosis, problem improvement, follow-up management, etc.

Diversified All-in-One Digital Medical Service System

Long-term monitoring at home has been made easier. Hospital sleep centers and professional organizations can also use smart medical devices to expand their services and help more people in need.

  • A service system that integrates cognitive behavior and self-regulatory learning theory.
  • The effectiveness of the improvement program was verified by obtaining long-term continuous home physiological marker data (heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen, body movement, temperature) in combination with a scale.
  • AI big data analysis to establish the correct sleep hygiene and emotional map of users, and can help professionals to make decisions to assist and verify the improvement effect.
  • Professionals provide task assignments and users report back on the results, developing precise remote sleep, emotional, and stress care services through two-way interactions.