Non-Drug pain treatment

Almost every painkiller has a variety of side effects, and prolonged use may cause damage to the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal organs.

In fact, in the European and American medical systems, painkillers are not the only option to relieve pain. More and more doctors are using dual-action electrostimulation without side effects to address both acute and chronic problems, or as an adjunct to pain medication.

CES Therapy + MET Therapy
Double Effect Pain relief is more effective!

CES Therapy

CES therapy (Transcranial Microcurrent Stimulation Therapy) uses a very low “microampere” safe electrical flow (one millionth of an ampere, less than 1/100th of the general low-frequency therapy device’s electrical flow) to allow users to secrete various neurotransmitters on their own, achieving effects such as regulating emotional cognition, improving abnormal brain waves, strengthening alpha waves, eliminating tension, relaxing…etc., and also achieving pain relief.

MET Therapy

The MET microcurrent waveform can effectively modulate cellular signals to achieve effective pain reduction. By using only a therapeutic probe and electrode sheet and applying it directly to the painful area, it can quickly relieve most pain symptoms, including acute pain, chronic pain and post-operative pain.

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