Our Goal

Founded on December 25, 106, Transgene Biosciences specializes in cross-disciplinary integration of IoT, IcT, human factors medicine, and digital health care with innovative intelligence. We hope to use innovative technology to help people easily have the best sleep and achieve a balanced and stress-free life.

Establishing cross-industry collaboration, diversified and scientific sleep solutions

Many wearable devices on the market have not passed medical certification, and do not open up the original data to other manufacturers for product development and validation. “Case Tracking Management Service System”, establishes an open platform of “Healthy Sleep Data Business Service Ecosystem”, uses AI to learn and optimize models, adopts modeling, grouping, and grading, and provides alliance members of the Healthy Sleep Ecosystem for medical or daily life. The field verifies its products and services, and then recommends it to customers who want to have a good night’s sleep through the ecosystem e-commerce platform.